Ayurveda for Self Healing



Vallejo: Saturdays 1:00 - 4:00 pm
February 24th and March 3rd

Determine your own body-mind constitution. Learn how to reduce stress, improve your digestion, build up your immune system, balance your energy and enhance your general health and well-being. Explore diet, spices, herbs, routines, massage oils, gentle Yoga postures and breath work to balance the elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth. Wear comfortable, unrestricting clothes.

$60 for both

Vallejo Yoga, 532 Georgia Street, Vallejo

Register early & commit to your well-being!

Questions? Contact Rhonda at 707-333-4456



Ayurvedic Consultations

Special Offer: $150 for 3 Sessions
(payable at first session)

Consultations available at Vallejo Yoga Studio (flexible schedule) and in Napa on Thursdays: 10:30 am to 8:00 pm.
Email for appointment time.

Consultations consist of:

  1. Detailed health and wellness survey.
  2. Dosha evaluation (includes analysis of pulse, tongue, face, eyes, hands and/or nails).
  3. Written plan for making specific changes to improve health and well-being.
  4. Follow-up as needed.




Private Sessions

Available in Vallejo and Napa by appointment.




Private Classes and Groups

Rhonda is available for private or semi-private classes
for groups, parties or special gatherings.
Individual private sessions $75 for 1.5 hours.
Price ranges for groups depending on numbers and group needs.


Watch for more upcoming workshops.


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